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Introductory Blog Post

By PAUL Yoder, 03/08/2019 - 4:01pm

Introductory Blog Post

Back Porch View of Blue Ridge Mountains

Hi, welcome to me and my world and to my introductory blog post. I'm Paul Yoder, and I'm the founder of Performance Health & Nutrition. I live in Seneca, South Carolina, a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We're not in the mountains, but I can sit on my back porch and view the mountains. I'm often in the mountains hiking, hunting, or fishing.

A little bit about myself: I'm 46 years old, cancer survivor, divorced, and have four kids age seven through nineteen. I grew up Amish, and as a kid I worked on farms and then in my dad's bulk food store. When I was 14, I started a full-time job building portable utility buildings which ended up being the better part of my career. I'm also a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer.

This business, this website that you're on, is my newest business venture. I have an interest in quality nutritional supplements and believe they can improve our life and health. However, I DO NOT believe in a "magic pill" for health. The most important things for good health are a proper diet and regular exercise. If you get those two items in order, you'll find many of your health problems will improve on their own.

In addition to diet and exercise, I do believe certain supplements can enhance our health and performance. I am particularly excited about the possibilities of hemp products which have only recently been legalized in the United States. Future blog posts will speak in more detail about hemp and its associated products.

I've been doing Crossfit for five and a half years. This is not an overly important item for me, but it seems to be important for many, so I mention it here. The fact that I get regular exercise is important; the fact that it's CrossFit is less so.

This is an introductory blog in what will be monthly blog updates written by and about yours truly, my life, my family, and my business interests. As you might guess, since it's hosted on my business website, some of the blogs will be business-related and about the products I sell on this site.  I will probably occasionally talk about other business interests that I am and or have been involved with. I will write about various business and life experiences and how they have helped shape who I am. I will write about the things I have learned, my successes and my failures. I will write to the world about my past, my present, and my future.

The best blogs in my opinion are those in which the author has the courage to reveal their own humanness. So often, without even realizing what we're doing, we present a certain image to the world while hiding many of the things that are happening inside us. In this blog, I intend to strip some of that away and reveal my humanness. There is something inside of me that shrinks away from that, and at the same time, something that is strangely exciting, intriguing, and tantalizing.

If you know me, you probably realize that I don't tend to talk much about myself, so perhaps this blog will be an outlet for things that I wish to say. It doesn't really matter whether it's read by many people or only a few because I write for myself and what it does for me. I have long thought about writing a blog since I feel like I can express myself better in writing than verbally. Although this is partially a business promotion, it's also the fulfillment of a long-standing idea that hopefully will be a growing experience for me as well as my dear readers.

You may find out things about my personal life and background that fascinate and interest you, or they may completely bore you. Certainly not everyone will find it interesting, and I'm not offended by that. You may also learn things about me that cause you to think less of me. If so, this blog will have served one purpose. I would rather people think badly of me for who I am than to think well of me because they don't know who I am.

Be forewarned, dear reader, you must always keep your wits about you and expect the unexpected when reading my writings. You may encounter deep, serious prose. At times you will see satire. I may write about forbidden subjects like politics and religion. There may be humor mixed in with seriousness, and the two may be difficult to distinguish at times. I have a natural bent towards dry humor and sarcasm, so brace yourself for this. Expect to meet all of these at some point, and you may at times encounter them all in one post.

I will be pleased as punch if anyone finds value in what I write, even if it's only entertainment value. Please leave comments, whether positive or negative. I promise you won't hurt my feelings. Of course, positivity is always welcomed, but most of all, be true to yourself, to your own heart, and to the dreams your Creator has placed in you.

I plan to express my opinions freely on this blog. I intend to be true to myself and who I am today. What I write today may not be what I would have written in the past, and the opinions I share today may change in the future. I reserve the right to change my mind as my knowledge of truth grows and my life experiences shape and mold me. In fact, that's a liberty we all should give one another.

So here goes . . . my first blog post, and if you've stayed with me so far, I thank you. If you want to be notified of future blog posts, you can sign up for email notifications on this website or you may follow my business, Performance Health & Nutrition, on Facebook or Instagram. You can send me a friend request on Facebook, and as long as you seem legit, I'll probably accept. If you consider some of these posts worth sharing with your friends, I will be flattered. If you wish to share my posts with your friends who don't have Internet access, you have my permission to fax or print them as long as you give proper credit and share the article in its entirety.

I intend, nay I'm committed, to making one blog post per month. If I'm unable to meet that commitment, I will remove this blog. There is nothing worse than blogs that don't get updated regularly. If you see more than one post per month consider it a bonus, gravy if you will.

Finally, a little bit about my business.

My vision is to provide products that are completely trustworthy to my customers. All the products we currently sell are either organic or wildcrafted and processed in FDA approved facilities. The vendors that provide our products must be transparent about their sources and production processes.

We strive to provide excellent customer service, which includes fast shipping via Priority Mail.

We also stand behind our products. If you're not satisfied with our products or service, please let us know.


That's all for today folks,

Good Day,

Paul Yoder

Founder & President

Yoder & Yoder LLC dba Performance Health & Nutrition



By Faith on
Good job! I look forward to the next one.
By Jay on
Interesting read-best of luck to you. I take Men’s Health and am a fan of it.
By Sam JR on
Decent writing. I take the tonic regularly and so does my wife. A great product for us. Just ordered a case.
By Barb on
At the edge of my seat waiting for more of your blog posts. You are definitely gifted with writing and keeping your readers’ utmost attention. Also, great products!
By Josh on
Excellent! I’m inspired by people like you who step outside the box and are willing to share life experiences and opinions, whether popular or unpopular. Looking forward to future posts!

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