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I Love Amazon!

By yoderpaul, 04/04/2020 - 6:26pm

I Love Amazon!

Amish Harvest Herbal Tonic

We're living in some crazy times! What would we do without Amazon! But these times are challenging for Amazon just like they are for all of us.

Amazon is showing some some long shipping times for non-essential items, up to 2-3 weeks. I'd like to give a few pointers about buying from Amazon.

When you search for a product on Amazon, it works kind of like a Google search but it's controlled by Amazon. Amazon shows you the product they want you to buy, usually giving first preference to products that are shipped from Amazon or perhaps the seller that's paying them the most for keyword advertising. Point is, they don't necessarily show you the best deal for you, they show you the product THEY want you to buy!

When you click on the product page resist the urge to immediately "add to cart" instead look for the link in small font that says something like this... "4 new or used from $65.00" click on that link and you will see the same product listed by different sellers, some of which may be fulfilled by Amazon and others may be shipped direct from the seller, some may actually be cheaper than the first product that showed up!

During this crisis you may be better off choosing to purchase your item from a seller that ships direct from their warehouse "making sure it's a U.S. based seller" because if it's a good seller you may receive your items much quicker! Right now some of our products which are fulfilled by Amazon are showing a delivery time of 2-3 weeks BUT if you click on that small link you will see that we have the same product listed for the same price shipping direct from us that will ship out THE SAME DAY YOU ORDER!

In addition to faster service, the products we ship are stored in a clean, climate controlled environment, while the ones Amazon ships are gathering dust in a non-climate controlled warehouse.

Especially for perishable items it's worth taking a look at where the product is shipping from before "adding to cart". I personally don't buy food and drink items that ship from Amazon because there's no accountability for how they handle and store the product.

One more thing....the same product purchased from Amazon is often more expensive than the same product would be purchased directly from the seller's own website, so we pay for the convenience. So if you want to buy direct from us from our website here you go.

So if you like Amazon by all means keep buying. I buy lots of stuff on Amazon but just like anywhere else, do your research!

Here's a link to one of our Amazon listings that demonstrates what I'm talking about, it has links to other listings. btw our seller name is Performance Health & Nutrition so you can see our listings and also see which ones ship from Amazon and which ones ship from us.

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